Microsoft Teams for Guest Users

This page is for Guest Users to access the Downs Light Railway Trust's Microsoft Teams for communication, colaboration, and cooperation.
Please note: You must use the email address we have given access to. Attempting to use other addresses will result in access being denied or login errors.

Step 1

Email Invitation

If you have been granted GUEST access, you will recieve an invitation email from us.
Click on the link to "Open Microsoft Teams".

Step 2

Obtain Security Code

The first screen will be to authenticate your session. This is for security purposes.
Click on the "Send code" button.

This will send another email to you containing a security code. You must use this within a specific time frame of 30mins otherwise it will expire. Remember to check your junk / spam email if you have not received it within a few minutes.

Step 3

Enter Security Code

The second screen will prompt you to insert your security code.

Step 4

Multi Factor Authentication

You will be asked to setup additional information for security purposes.

Please click "Next".
Microsoft will try and get you to use Microsoft Authenticator. This can cause complications if you do not have a smart mobile. It is simpler to use a text or phone call authentication.

Please click "I want to set up a different method".
Please select "Phone" and then click "Confirm".
You can either receive a text or a call.

Please enter your phone number and option, then click "Next".
Microsoft will then either send you a code or phone you. In this example, the call option has been selected. When the phone rings, all you need to do is follow the prompt and press the "#" on the handset.
Once authenticated, click "Next".
In future, MFA will happen automatically and you won't need to setup your communication method again.

Please select "Done".

Step 5

Accept Our Permissions Request

You will be asked to accept permission to grant our system access to your email, name, email address and photo. Your login sessions will be recorded.

Please click "Accept". If you do not wish to, access to the system will be denied.

Step 6

Choose Your Option to Run MS Teams

You will be given a choice on how you wish to access MS Teams.

Option - 1 | If you already use MS Teams and have it installed on your computer.

If you are on a mobile device, you may get something a little different.
Option - 2 | If you don't use MS Teams.

You can either download the Windows App. This installs Teams onto your computer or device. For this option, select "Download the Windows App".

If you do not wish to install software, select the option to "Use the web app instead". This will continue to use MS Teams through your current web browser.

Step 7

Confirm Your Email Account

You may be asked to confirm your account. If you use MS Teams for other organisations, you may see alternative accounts here. You must use the account that we have assigned your guest account to, otherwise permission will be denied.


Colaborate, Communicate, Cooperate

Congratulations! If you have got this far, you are now in!

You will see the list of teams on the left hand side that you've been given access to. If you expand the team, you will see individual communications channels, where you can discuss specific topics.

Future Logins

If you logout of the system, you will need to repeat all the steps except for Step 4 and 5.

If you keep your session active, you can receive notifications and private messages from other participants.

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