Designed and built by Milner Engineering Chester Limited in 1991. Works Number TBC.
James Boyd is a coal fired, twin cylindered, narrow gauge steam locomotive to a freelance design.
Wheel Arrangement:  2-6-2
Pressure:  110psi (max 120psi)
Cylinders:  3in bore x 3in stroke
Valve Gear: Walschaerts
Length:  11ft (inc. tender)
Current Livery:  Black (red lining)

James Boyd started its life unofficially as Tubby 2. The original intention was to rebuild the Downs Light Railway's Tubby with heavier frames. Initially this work was planned to start with Alan Keef Limited in 1989, but transferred to Milner Engineering Chester Limited in 1990 who redesigned and built the locomotive as one of their last projects. The result was a brand new locomotive, reutilising some of the original components (the cylinders, several wheels, smoke box door, buffers, bogies, etc.). To match Brock, it was finished in a Black livery with red lining. A boiler was donated to the Trust and incorporated on the locomotive. It entered service on the Downs Light Railway in 1991 and renamed to James Boyd in 1992. The full ceremony can be viewed on our Youtube channel (https://youtu.be/JoTVdvaf-d0). The locomotive has been the flag ship of the Downs Light Railway ever since. 

James Boyd offers drivers a simple cab layout and spacious tender for riding in. The boiler is fed by a steam injector and continuous feeding axle pump. The cylinders are controlled by the Walschaerts valve gear, with two cut off positions in both forward and reverse. In 2011, the locomotive underwent a substantial overhaul, receiving a new larger boiler and certified to operate at a higher steam pressure.

  • 1996 tender was enhanced with mechanical brakes, a displacement lubricator for the steam brake on the main chassis, and the single chime whistle was replaced with a multi-chimed variant.
  • 2002 the boiler was retubed by Roderick McCrea.
  • 2011-2015 the locomotive was extensively overhauled by Timothy Pennock, receving a larger new boiler and smokebox.

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