Centenary Development Programme

Modern education inspired by tradition.
Establishing New Roots

Our AVIVA Crowdfunding

To launch the preparation phase of our Centenary Development Programme, Establishing New Roots is our crowdfunding campaign with the AVIVA Community Fund. This campaign goes live in the middle of February 2021.

Combining railways, traditions, environmental conservation and ecology into one big educational mix of fun!
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February 2021

Crowdfunding Campaign Established

AVIVA Community Fund grant a Crowdfunding platform, offering match funding from their employees. Campaign to go live mid-February.

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February 2021

December 2020

Preparation Begins!

The trees felled make way for the redevelopment of Hoyland Down over the next couple of years.

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October 2020

Forestry Quotations

The Board of Trustees have obtained forestry quotes to fell the trees in order to clear the Hoyland Down site for the new buildings.

October 2020

September 2020

New Fruit Trees

The Downs Malvern plants new fruit trees in the adjacent orchard. This will help satisfy the planning conditions to restablish fruit trees to replace the trees being removed under the existing development.

September 2020

Project Approval Granted

The Downs Malvern as the site owner grants the Board of Trustees approval to commence this project phase.

September 2020